Questions & Answers

2017 Directors and Executive Committee:
Kathy Plomin, Pat Gradek, Penny McCarthy
Executive Committee: Carolyn Howard, Lynda McNamara, Sherri Simpson
, Stephanie Spires and Penny Warren

What is 100 Women?  

100 women is a women’s donor and advocacy organization that supports non-profits that serve women and family needs in the Lexington area. This support is accomplished through a yearly distribution of funds from annual membership in the organization. All donations go to the non-profit organizations that you designate.


I remember 100 Women from years ago. Is this the same organization?

Yes and No. In 2004, the YWCA lost funding from both the United Way and Kentucky Domestic Violence Association due to a lack of accountability. As a result, the Domestic Violence Shelter was closed. In response, a community activist, J D Lester, created 100 Women to mobilize women and financial resources to raise funds to assist in the opening of a new shelter. With the administrative support of the United Way of the Bluegrass the fund raised over $140,000 to assist in the creation of the new shelter that exists today. 100 Women did not continue as such after the raising of these funds. The 100 Women brand is resurrected to support a broader support of services benefiting women and their children.


Why was 100 Women “resurrected”? 

There are over 500 similar women funding organizations in the country that involve over 12,000 women and raising over $100 million each year. Women are more engaged and more empowered than in 2004 and we felt that the women in our community are poised to take it to the next level.


Who will 100 Women fund and how is that decision made?

The monies in the 100 Women fund are distributed to non-profits that serve women and their families in the Lexington area .The first year, 2013, by invitation, we supported ten local non-profits including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bluegrass Domestic Violence, CASA, Child Development Center of the Bluegrass, Chrysalis House, Florence Crittenden Home, New Opportunity School for Women, Rape Crisis, Salvation Army and The Nest. In 2014 we invited speakers from five additional worthy organizations and voted to add Arbor Youth Health Services in place of Florence Crittenden Home. In 2015 members decided to add two additional agencies that were nominated and voted upon by members. With the addition of One Parent Scholar Program and Refuge for Women, 100 Women supports a total twelve non-profits within our regional community.


What is the Founders Members Circle and why am I being asked to join?

You have been identified as someone who has the passion to support women and family causes and has the resources and connections with other women to take a leadership role in the organization. The Founders’ Circle is the first 100 members and you will have a voice in which non-profit organizations to support!


Can I designate my Founder’s Circle membership to one/several of these non-profits?

Yes, you can designate. 100 Women currently supports women and families so the designation must assist an agency that meets that mission .The Founding Circle membership is a commitment to a $1000 personal donation or raising $1000 for 100 Women Fund annually


Is my membership tax deductible? 

Yes it is. The fund will be “housed” at the Bluegrass Community Foundation who will serve as the conduit for the 501c3 status. The Foundation will provide the necessary documentation for your contribution as a tax-deductible investment. 


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